Introduction to park

Gongendo Park, Satte (Park No. 4)

We are working to preserve the natural environment of Gongendo Park, so that our many visitors will be able to enjoy the flowers: cherry blossom and field mustard, hydrangeas, spider lilies (higanbana), daffodils, and more.

さくら祭り 紫陽花まつり 曼珠沙華祭り 水仙まつり

Multipurpose athletic grounds (Park No.1)

The multipurpose athletic grounds (Park No. 1) are located in the northernmost section of the Gongendou Prefectural Park in an area that straddles Satte City and Kuki City (formerly Kurihashi Town).
The park was fully opened in April 2011. It has a ball-game area for Little League baseball and ground golf (similar to miniature golf), a multipurpose grass area, and playground equipment such as a large-scale sailboat. On holidays and weekends, the park is full with families with children.

yuguhiroba kyugihiroba chyusyajyo 運動場


Gongendo Park, Satte

By train
Get off at Satte station on the Tobu Nikko line, and take the Asahi Bus bound for Goka machi yakuba to the stop named “Gongendo”. (170 yen one way)

By car
If using a car navigation system, set the destination to “Satteshi kouminkan” (Kita Hall). Gongendo Park and the car parking area is opposite Kita Hall.
Address of Kita Hall
Oaza Uchi-goma 867, Satte, Saitama
Telephone: 0480-42-6221

Car parking area opening hours: 8:30 am to 5 pm

Multipurpose athletic grounds (Park No.1)

AccessBy train: About 1.5 km from Minami-Kurihashi Station on the Tobu Nikko Line.
By car: Koemon (South) junction on Japan National Route 4


Gongendo Park, Satte

Satte Gongendo Cherry Preservation Society
Location: Gongendo Park, Satte, Saitama
Telephone: 0480-44-0873
Fax: 0480-44-0880
Email: info@gongendo.jp

Multipurpose athletic grounds (Park No.1)

Gongendou Park Management Office (